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Thank you for visiting. Paul is a Jamstack, Full-stack and LAMP (PHP) application developer. Please visit Commercial Grade to contact me directly.

Education, Experience & Projects

In 1994 Paul had the honor of interning under research professor Dr. William Boeck on the NASA's Optical Transient Detector (OTD) project. Later that year he graduated cum Laude from Niagara University, New York with a Batchlers in Computer Information Science and a minor in mathematics.

Shortly thereafter he was hired as a software developer where Paul maintained existing applications in FoxPro , which he then refactored intoclient-server applications, specifically Borland's Delphi and Interbase for the database engine. . The resulting system could handle dozens of connections, which was considered a break-through back then. As a partner, he continued to build many commercial applications including: commissary/inventory control (ACTFAS), education (ImageFilter K-12), booking/line-up (ImageFiler LE) as well as a host of security-based applications (ImageFiler ID, Evidence-Trak, etc.). Many applications were even released with automatic installation disks, another breakthrough at the time. Installation locations included Massachusetts State Police Department (a Citrix-base OS), counties throughout New York state and even correctional institutions such as San Bernadino and Santa Anna, California.

In 2003 Paul transitioned to building LAMP applications. Programmed in PHP/JavaScript this new technology handled an order of magnitude more client connections than previous generation client-server applications. From inventory control to pool covers, e-commerce to motorcycle parts, LAMP has proven a powerful and flexible framework for dozens of his applications.

Yet technology never stands still. Full Stack / MEAN / Jamstack applications are clearly the next break-through in application development. These architectures allows for reduced development time, scalability, flexibility, better performance, code optimization, delivery size optimization, and even cheaper hosting. Combined with Docker these platforms are easily scalable well beyond what LAMP applications can achieve.

In fact, this blog is a Jamstack application. Similar to a Full-Stack application in that it is written in TypeScript, React, Next.js, and other technologies but more suited to static content which rarely changes. It also encorporates markdown and other technologies. If you do a Google PageSpeed Insights check you will notice the page rates extremely well compared to WordPress and other websites. That's because Jamstack / MEAN applications can be highly optimized for speed, which is a large factor in search engine optimization (SEO).

Hope you've enjoyed this blog. Contact Paul if you have any questions. He's always happy to help.


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