ImageFiler Applications

ImageFiler Applications

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As a partner I took the lessions learned building ImageFiler LE and produced about a dozen different commercial applications, including installation disks. I also built and supported dozens of integrations. Here are a few that I can remember.

ImageFiler ID

  • Application to produce PVC ID Badges
  • Installation disks
  • License key

This was a popular software package.

ImageFiler K12

This was simply a copy of ImageFiler ID but with a few student-centric features.

Integrations included a Palm application which I developed in C. Students would show up in a hallway and with a scan of their ID the teacher knew exactly what room they belonged in.


This spec isn't hard to figure out. It tracked evidence for law enforcement.

The Future

As a partner I had produced over a dozen commercial applications and integrations. However, client/server application development was clearly on the way out. It was slow and had huge issues handling a large number of connections.

LAMP architecture promised thousands and even millions of concurrent users. It was definitely the future.