ImageFiler LawEnforcement

ImageFiler LawEnforcement

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ImageFiler LE was originally developed as a FoxPro appliation. Back then we created custom applications on a per contract basis.

I refactored the application into Delphi/Interbase and converted this into a standard application called ImageFiler LE, complete with installation disks.

This was a client/server application. Where FoxPro allowed each computer to access the database equally, this architecture favored placing as much business logic as possible on the server.


  • Unify the architecture of existing projects into a single application
  • "Book" inmates - take their picture and record their information, especially descriptive information.
  • Digital imaging was replacing photography, but was still rough. Orange jump suits feaked out early digital cameras. Special high-end video cards were used as well.
  • Higher quality line-ups could be produced

Line-up evidence was more likely to pass judicial scrutiny because law enforcement could simply ask for the same "green hair with blue eyes" criteria and sure enough that's what all of the inmates looked like. If the witness picked them out of a line of twelve it was fairly strong evidence.


Instead of different flavors of the application I created standard integrations which could plug-and-play as needed.


ImageFiler LE was installed all over NY state and the surrounding northeastern US.

One flavor was even installed on a Citrix-based server for Massachusetts State Police Department.


All in all the final application was a smashing success but the Windows server and Citrix-based technology was soon made obsolete by LAMP architecture. Client/server applications struggled with fifty users while LAMP could handle thousands without breaking a sweat.

Can you guess which development platform I moved to next?