Employee Benefits Portal

Employee Benefits Portal

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Project Specifications

Build an application to calculate complex employee benefits and make those benefits easily accessible to staff members and management.

Project Objectives

  • Standardize all employee benefits, especially time-off.
  • Shift the burden of checking and taking benefits from management to employees.
  • Allow employees to log in and check anytime.
  • Imported hours worked from QuickBooks.
  • Make hours worked import as idiot-proof as possible.
  • Allow managers to view a spreadsheet overview of all employee benefits.
  • Reduce costly mistakes such as giving too much paid time off.


LAMP application using PHP and MySQL on a 1and1.com server. An in-house CMS system was used as the foundation, saving a great deal of expense.


The system was a tremendous success. The employees could check their days off anytime. The system used their hire date as a reset point to avoid all of the employees from taking all of their vacation at years end or some other arbitrary date.